Gardeur is a German company specialist for high-quality trousers, chinos and jeans. With a wide range of top-class trousers styles, the brand targets discerning urban men in the prime of their lives. Once worn the Garduer product can easily become favourite trousers, as they meet their high expectations in terms of quality, perfect fit, innovation and contemporary, elegant style.

Gardeur Chinos

Those who are looking for sporty chinos that not only look stylish, but also offer a colour and feel that are modern and innovative, have come to the right place with Gardeur stretch cotton, with their unique dyeing process, in which the trousers are not dyed until after they have been stitched, lends these trousers exactly these characteristics, guaranteeing rapid reaction times and ensuring a stylish result.

Gardeur Colour Blocking Cashmere Cotton

Colour Blocking Cashmere Cotton

Gardeur Green Trouser Checked Shirt

Green Trouser Checked Shirt

Gardeur Grey Jumper Blue Trousers

Grey Jumper Blue Trousers

Gardeur Inside Trouser

Inside Trouser

Gardeur Suit Trouser

Suit Trouser